The F.L. Emmert Company

Capitalizing on the booming brewery industry in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, Fred L. Emmert started his company in 1881 by selling spent brewers grain to farmers, milk producers, and feed dealers. When the demand for spent grain spread nationwide, Emmert developed a proprietary process for drying the wet grains, which allowed the dry product to be shipped across the country and stored for long periods of time. This unique drying process remains the basis of Emmert products more than 100 years later.

After decades of simply re-selling grain, in the 1930s The F.L. Emmert Company introduced Molasso-Malt to the feed market as the company’s first value-added product. Molasso-Malt combined the nutritional benefits of brewers grains with the palatability of molasses to provide dairy farms a convenient and inexpensive feed ration supplement. Highly respected and widely used, Molasso-Malt launched the company into a successful line of ingredients and supplements in the decades to come.

Supported by a growing reputation in the feed industry, The F.L. Emmert Company refined its drying process and began to build a powerful product line based on BGY35, a specially dried high-protein brewers yeast product. This all-natural, results-driven product quickly became a preferred source of brewers yeast for livestock feed and pet food nationwide.

In the 1980s, The F.L. Emmert Company introduced three revolutionary animal health supplements: ShowBloom for livestock, Edge for cats and dogs, and Sow Bulk Plus. These high-quality, yet economical nutritional supplements made brewers yeast available to consumers in a convenient, species-specific form. As yeast continued to grow in popularity, research and field trials with BGY35 led to the development of BGY28, a unique lower protein ingredient for livestock feed. BGY28 and BGY35 continue to anchor the company’s product line, producing unparalleled results in the livestock feed and pet food industries.