Edge Testimonials

I raise Papillion dogs and had been looking for something to give them during their pregnancy to prevent fleas. I was told about Edge and started using it. I absolutely love it. It not only helps with the fleas but has also almost eliminated shedding and made their coats shiny. With 4 Papillion dogs, the shedding was unmanageable. I was cleaning their room every day. That was before Edge. I starting using the Edge product and I no longer have to clean the room for hair. I have had them on Edge for about a year and can’t believe the difference it makes. Their coats are so pretty and shiny.

I also have a Husky and my husband had to brush him all the time to keep the hair from hanging off of him and he still looked like he needed to be brushed all the time. There was hair everywhere. There was hair in bunches on the patio that we had to clean all the time. I put him on Edge about a month ago (March of 2009). After about 2 weeks, we have not had to brush him once after and there is no hair anywhere. No bunches of hair all over the patio.

We just love this stuff and highly recommend it to anyone. I will never stop using this product.

The tiny pellets go into your pets’ regular food almost unnoticed, even by the most finicky pets such as mine! The added vitamins are a great supplement to my pets diet, especially as he gets older. Edge is also a natural flee deterrent. Wilson is my 12 year old Husky-Chow mix and has been taking Edge, as part of his daily meal, for about three months. I have noticed an increase in his energy level, as well as his appetite. Wilson seems to just smell good these days! It is not an overwhelming fresh scent but just no doggy odor, even when he is wet. His coat is also nice and soft!! I have offered samples to other pet owners in my family, and so far all the dogs like it! I would highly recommend adding this product to your dog’s daily meals as it provides noticeable benefits to their overall health.