Nutrition Research

The F.L. Emmert Company has processed and developed nutritional ingredients from the brewery industry for over 134 years. We developed our first unique brewers yeast ingredient in 1960 called BGY35, and it is still widely used today as a value added ingredient by leading feed and pet food manufacturers. Since then, our team has continued to develop new and innovative ingredients all built around our unique processing and ingredients.

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of animal nutrition products and services. We are committed to enhancing animal health through highly effective products delivered with unmatched value and service. Research plays a very important role in living up to our vison and mission.  Our commitment to our customers and to the industry to provide innovative, high quality animal feed and pet food ingredients that consistently perform remains as strong today as it was 100 years ago.   Likewise, the commitment by The F.L. Emmert Company to invest in research is viewed as a key driver for delivering on our vision and mission and something that we are actively doing.

Our research team develops effective, interdependent relationships with industry, Academia and key customers with an on-going effort focused on meeting new demands and expectations on both new and existing products. We also work closely with universities, third party collaborators to find the opportunities and synergies that enable us to create and validate new products and identify new uses for existing products.  In addition, we often partner with Key Customers in research from which we both mutually benefit.  This collaborative and focused effort on research strengthens our product offerings and keeps us focused on the Customer and our mutual future success.

Our research and innovation has been demonstrated and proven time and time again throughout our history. Built on developing and bringing to market new innovative products for our customers that create value for them and work well consistently has been a key driver for our business and none of that can be accomplished without a strong commitment to research and product validation.