35BGY35 is an all-natural, high-protein brewers yeast product. It provides fresh brewers yeast for addition in pet foods, livestock feeds, and other applications in an economical, palatable, free-flowing form.

Pet food manufacturers throughout the industry have trusted BGY35 as a beneficial addition to their formulas for several decades. The effectiveness of BGY35 is proven through years of research, field trials, and commercial use. BGY35 offers superior value and performance over traditional yeast products. BGY35 is made with all-natural ingredients, is a natural ingredient binder, and is carefully produced from the highest quality ingredients. BGY35 is specially blended to enhance and preserve nutritional quality and effectiveness.


Pet, Horse, Livestock, Aquaculture


Brewers liquid yeast, plant protein products, processed grain by-products

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein – not less than 35.00 %
Crude Fat – not less than 1.00 %
Crude Fiber – not more than 8.00 %


50 lb. bag
2000 lb. bulk bag

BGY35 Product Information Sheet


… inclusion of [BGY35] in the dry feed of calves significantly reduced the percentage of days with elevated body temperature and antibiotic treatments from those of control.

Agway Inc., and Cooperative Research Farms – Ontario, Canada

… this supplement was well received by all horses and … improved hair coat quality and overall body condition and muscling when compared to horses receiving the customary grain and hay and/or pasture.

Dept. of Animal Science and Agricultural Biochemistry – University of Delaware

… red claw [crayfish] can be fed a diet in which all of the fish meal has been replaced by 80% soy bean meal and 5% BGY. This may allow for a decrease in diet costs for producers and potentially increase profits … .

Aquaculture Research Center – Kentucky State University