YAA6b8gb8IOgHp1YEB4x50aoWZM4RACzbzTYnqmBr9w,EBBHmBHOuCU-EDXVBBOqHwyDmCQZFw5ICq-LrLl0XoUBGY45 is our highest protein brewers yeast product. It is all-natural and provides fresh brewers yeast for addition in pet foods and other applications in an economical, palatable, free-flowing form.

BGY45 is trusted by top pet food manufacturers and offers superior value and performance over traditional yeast products. BGY45 is made with all natural ingredients to form a palatable, nutritious product, designed for use in pet food.

Applications: Pet, Horse, Aquaculture

Ingredients: Brewers liquid yeast, plant protein products, processed grain by-products

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein – not less than 45.00 %
Crude Fat – not less than 0.75 %
Crude Fiber – not more than 6.00 %


50 lb. bag, 2000 lb. bulk bag,

BGY45 Product Information Sheet