Quality Commitment

Our Commitment

Quality products and customer service have been paramount at The F.L. Emmert Company since it was founded in 1881.

Quality is built upon hands-on operation by experienced and invested employees. Complete customer satisfaction and the production of quality products are top priority for every Emmert employee. Longevity of customer accounts is testament to the success of quality assurance programs, on-going management review, and continual improvement.

The F.L. Emmert Company is a customer-driven company. We pay close attention to customers’ needs and address them immediately, without exception. We take pride in Emmert products and are committed to quality in every aspect of business. We strive to:

  • Manufacture products to promised specifications, with the highest possible quality
  • Continually improve and customize products to meet customers’ needs
  • Achieve complete customer satisfaction through the combined efforts of manufacturing
    processes, customer service, and dedicated employees
  • Use only the finest ingredients from regular and reliable suppliers


To demonstrate our commitment to food safety and quality, we actively pursue 3rd party certifications for our production facility. We currently hold the following certifications:

  • SQF, Level 2 – Safe Quality Food
  • AFIA’s Pet Food Ingredient Manufacturer Certification (PFIMC)
  • AFIA’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification (SFSF)